Individual Therapy

We are now taking applications for our summer 2019 academic program. 

What we will need from you before receiving therapy:

1) New Client Summer Registration Form
2) Patient History Form
3) Most current IEP if you have one (less than a year old) 
4) Most recent speech-language evaluation (less than 11 months old).
5) Any related reports, such as from an Occupational Therapist (OT), psychologist or learning consultant.
6) Once scheduled, you will need to confirm your child's therapy program in writing and sign a registration contract, which is found on our Forms page. 

Because we may not have the expertise to work with every type of case, it is important for you (and us) to make sure our skills are well-matched. The kind of individual therapy we do requires the child to be able to attend and cooperate with the lessons to some degree. We cannot take on children who are physically aggressive with our staff. If your child assaults our staff, we will need to discontinue services. Children who scream often can be very disruptive to the other sessions that are being conducted. If your child is screaming/crying frequently, we will also need to work with you to find another practice that is a better fit for your child. In most cases, children do best when their parent waits outside the room until they have settled into a routine and bonded with the therapist. Occasionally, other practices may be more suited to your child’s needs. If we feel your child will benefit from a different approach, we will refer you to the right professional.