Group Therapy

We generally reserve our group slots for children who already receive individual therapy at our practice, but at times we do have openings for new children. Our group programs are not appropriate for all developmental levels due to the nature of the activities and composition of the classes. The groups listed below have been created specifically to suite the needs of the children on our caseload. In other words, we don't just push children into a "social language group" and hope it fits. Rather, we create the groupings, activities and goals for each group depending on what we feel would benefit our clients. That is why it is a little bit of a "hodgepodge" of ages and skill levels! If we do have an opening, we will ask to review your child’s paperwork and informally meet him/her prior to finalizing the appointment schedule. The first two group sessions are considered a trial period in order to see if there is a good fit for the child in a group. If the child’s skill set is not appropriate for the group, or you are unhappy in any way with the program, you can try another group if the speech pathologist recommends it, or discontinue services, paying only for those classes already attended.

There are a number of benefits to this group model of service:

  • Integration and carryover of functional social-pragmatic language skills
  • Some children learn better by observing peers than direct intervention
  • Games, arts and crafts, “play skills” are interwoven with language-based activities
  • Less costly than individual sessions
  • Opportunity to meet a new playmate

*We can arrange a group of two children (dyad) for a “first group” experience if requested. 

Additionally, we are also currently offering small groups of children with more challenging language and cognitive needs who would benefit from a facilitated play/social group.  The amount of time scheduled for the group varies from 50-100 minutes, based on the age of the children, attention span, and goals of the group.

Reports: There are no formal reports written for children who participate in the group program. If requested, we will write one, but there is a fee for this service. Please contact the front office for more information about fees for additional services, such as reports.   


50 Dyad/group of 2 children $147  
60 Min group $138 (group of 3-6 children)
90 Min group $206 (group of 3-6 children)