Individual Therapy:Nearly all our sessions are 45 or 60 minute appointments, although very young children with a short attention span may be recommended for shorter, 30 minute sessions (2-3 times per week). These are available in the morning or between 1-2pm.

$98 per 30 minute session 
$147 per 45 minute session 
$196 per 60 minute session 

Group Therapy:   

50 Min dyad $147  (group of 2 children)
60 Min group $138 (group of 3-6 children)
90 Min group $206 (group of 3-6 children)

$147 per 50 minute session (group of 3-4 children maximum who require addition adult/SLP support due to their behavior and cognitive needs)

Infant/Toddler Screening  (ages 12 months-24 months only) $196 for a 60 minute screening. If a full evaluation is then scheduled, your screening fee will be deducted from the evaluation fee. No written report is provided with a screening, as it is an informal consultation. If time spent is less than an hour, your fee will be prorated.

**We cannot perform a screening for language, auditory processing or social language/play. Screenings are only available for Infant/Toddlers or simple articulation issues only. 

Evaluation/Assessment Fees:
Birth-age 4 Comprehensive Assessment: $750
Articulation Screening (just one or two sounds): prorated for time spent, typically 45-60 minutes; no report $147-196
Oral-motor/articulation comprehensive, formal evaluation only (any age) with report: $299 
Comprehensive speech-language evaluation without auditory processing disorder screening and auditory skills component: $1275 (ages 5 and up)

Comprehensive speech-language evaluation with auditory processing disorder screening and auditory skills component $1575

Consultation Fees: 

In- office or by phone: $196 per hour, pro-rated (no report) 

Off-site consultations (such as with a child’s teaching staff): 1.5 x our usual hourly rate, ($294 per hour) with a 2-hour minimum charge ($588). 

Additional Services: Additional services, such as report-writing, preparation of specific materials, letters to insurance companies, review of goals, etc. incur fees. Please inquire with the front office about these fees prior to requesting an additional service.

We accept cash, check, and set up ACH (automatic bank withdrawal) as well as VISA and Mastercard. We run ACH charges at the end of each week for services/fees due from that week. We send a receipt to you the first week of the following month, with the previous month's charges if you have automatic bank withdrawal set up.

Checks are to be made payable to “Hamaguchi & Associates” and are payable at the conclusion of each session. If a child attends more than one session per week, payment may be made during the last session of the week for all the sessions attended that week.

Records Retrieval: Requests for records/reports older than one year are billed at $10 per record, with a $.50 per page copying charge.

Please note: We do not accept insurance as payment. We are a private-pay practice, but sometimes PPO health insurers will reimburse part of the fee as an "out of network provider" and Health Savings Accounts may reimburse you for part of the therapy fees. Please check with your insurance company and HSA for specific coverage and reimbursement policies. Please also read our flyer, "If You Intend to Seek Insurance Reimbursement."


*All fees are due in full at the time of service.