“Imagine how excited I was to be able to find a practice that has such specialized training in auditory processing disorders! My son was really struggling with answering questions and understanding stories but has come a long way. The therapy has been so helpful and he’s enjoyed it at the same time”.
~ Father of Drew (age 9).

“I just wanted to let you know that the speech therapy sessions for my son have been going great. We love this speech pathologist! She is so sweet, loving and sincere. Jack has gone from saying barely any words to being willing to imitate pretty much any word and he spontaneously will say about 15 words. This is huge considering we just started sessions just weeks ago. I am really encouraged by his progress and really feel like the play-based yet structured lessons have been working very well. His SLP also tells me what to work on at home in a very practical way and she doesn't overwhelm me with a list of things to work on. I have found the balance ideal and I have been to many many speech therapists. You probably already know that she's wonderful but just wanted to let you know again”.
~ Mother of Jack (age 19 months).

"We just LOVE your group sessions! It has been so great to see the changes in David. He seems to be relating to his friends better and is trying to use the play skills and social language he's learned in his sessions. Thanks so much!". 
~ Mother of David (age 7).

Each child brings a unique personality, as well as therapeutic challenges, to the therapy session. As a practice, we believe it is important for you-and us-to make sure the speech-language pathologist’s training and therapy style, as well as our physical environment, are a good match for your child. We will work hard to make sure that your child is matched with the speech pathologist whose personality and therapy style are best for your child or we will refer you to another practice if we believe it is better for your child.

At our practice:

  • Your child should have a special connection with the speech-language pathologist.
  • You should feel comfortable observing the sessions and later discussing any questions you may have.
  • The speech-language pathologist should explain why she is doing the activities with your child, and how you can reinforce those skills at home.
  • Therapy should be creative, goal-oriented, and hierarchical. It should be individually tailored to your child’s unique needs.
  • While some of the therapy process requires us to ask your child to do tasks that are sometimes difficult, it should also be fun too!

We asked the parents at our practice to tell us what they like about our practice and here’s what they had to say:

“Since coming to your practice, we’ve seen a HUGE improvement in our daughter’s speech development. The games and activities really make it fun for her and the speech pathologist always gives us great ideas for things we can do at home. Your front office staff is also really friendly and makes me feel at home!".
~ Mother of K.C. (age 3).

“We’ve been to two other private speech pathologists in the past three years to fix that “r” sound, and in just a few months, he’s made more progress at your practice than in the past three years. We’re so happy we found you!”.
~ Mother of Stewart (age 9).

“It was a bit scary when our son’s pediatrician diagnosed him with autism spectrum disorder, but the way your staff connects with him is amazing. He is improving and verbalizing more than we could have hoped for. We know there are no ‘miracles’ but the specialized care and strategies you use have made an enormous difference in his life, and in ours. Thanks also for the wireless internet connection in the waiting room so I can get caught up on my email, and also a big thank-you for sending out the documentation my PPO requested so I could get reimbursed!”.
~ Mother of Philip (age 4 1/2).

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